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The Dunlop Q4 Tires are the latest High Performance Sport Motorcycle Tire to hit the market. The Q4 Tire is designed to deliver a high level of performance on the race track during track days that can also be ridden on the street. Taylor Knapp rode on the Dunlop Q4 Tires during the 2018 MotoAmerica Tire Test at Barber carding a best lap time of 1:28.7 on the Q4's. If you have ridden at Barber you already know that turning lap times under 1:30 is not something most riders can manage, regardless of the tire they ride on. While most of us will not be turning 28's on the Q4 Tires this does establish a benchmark for their performance that will give you that confidence to go out and turn your own best laps.

Taylor Knapp said they found the best performance from the Q4's using 32 psi front and 30 psi rear (cold pressures), without using tire warmers. Designed to warm up fast Taylor told us the tires were warmed up in 1/2 to 1 1/2 laps once they were scuffed. It is important to note that this will vary a little depending on the weather conditions, level of grip at the track you are riding and of course your own personal skill level. We would suggest working down from the 1 1/2 lap warm up time to find the sweet spot.

A purpose-built track day tire that achieves lean angles of up to 62 degrees, which is more than other street legal tires offered by Dunlop.

Utilizing technology shared by Dunlop's cutting-edge MotoAmerica road race tires, the Q4 is made in Dunlop's Buffalo, New York, plant on the same proprietary equipment as the racing products - Only Dunlop makes sport tires in America.

Over the years, Dunlop has developed many class-leading sport tires as well as racing tires for professional and amateur road racers. The hypersport Sportmax Q3+ combines both, with one foot on the street and the other on the track, performing amazingly well on track days considering it's built primarily for aggressive street riding.

Now the Q4 takes that performance to a whole new level. The Q4 is not a Q3+ replacement, but is instead designed to add depth to the Sportmax family lineup to accommodate track-day-level riding like no other Dunlop DOT street tire has before, with even greater overall performance and grip than the Q3+.